Construction & Infrastructure

Despite very bright economic prospects, Turkey continues to suffer from underdeveloped infrastructure. In the past two decades, the energy and transport sectors have provided much of the demand for infrastructure investment and this trend is set to continue in the future.

Mineks International has an exceptional track record in advising international companies in how best to approach the Turkish infrastructure market – through strategic partnerships, directly or through the formation of partnerships with our subsidiary companies. Mineks provides support for all aspects of the process for bidding on public tenders or private transactions from offer preparation, negotiation through to performance and completion of contracts.

Mineks is highly networked in both the local and the international construction industry. Our client roster includes top companies in North America to Europe, from China to the Middle East. Since the 2008 financial crisis, our clients have focused on large scale infrastructure projects in Turkey, the CIS, Middle East and Africa. Increasingly, the resource rich countries in the Gulf and Africa are where the most profitable and challenging projects can be sourced. We also assist our clients to expand in new markets such as Africa by providing access to our network of contacts in the region.