Energy & Mining

Oil and Gas

Mineks advises on market entry or repositioning strategies; fuel supply portfolio plans; litigation and regulatory strategies; project management and partnership formation for projects related to upstream, midstream and downstream in oil, gas, refined products; and pipelines. Our firm regularly consults on a variety of energy market initiatives in Turkey and can help direct our clients’ business in regions of Africa, the CIS and the Middle East.

Power Generation

As a part of current Turkish Administration’s 2023 goals, the country’s energy infrastructure is being upgraded via continuous licensing of power generation facilities, oil and gas exploration, renewables and nuclear; all with the aim of decreasing the country’s dependence on external energy sources. The private sector is expected to bear the costs in exchange for reaping the rewards of these projects once completed via tailored BOT or PPP structures.

The investments in this area have been led by some of Mineks’ largest clients who have developed their power assets. In the second wave, gas and electricity distribution concessions are being awarded as the markets slowly liberalize. Many of our clients seeked our services for designing and forming their partnerships and for financing these important transactions. We use our international network to source oil and gas assets, helping our clients negotiate equity and off-take agreements. As well as being active in advising its domestic clients, Mineks also sources green and brownfield power generation and distribution assets for international or domestic clients.


Mineks International has been successfully involved in the trading of minerals from Africa and has investments in the mining sector in the region. As a company that demonstrates high level of transparency, business ethics and social responsibility, Mineks International strongly believes in the healthy economic growth of Africa.

Mineks International is further in partnership with renowned international mineral exploration and development groups with considerable track record and numerous projects listed on leading stock exchanges. Our partners have a substantial amount of experience exploring, developing and operating in Africa across a range of commodities.