Our Clients

Mineks International’s services are enjoyed by a range of clients, both international and local, large and mid-cap. Compared to other houses based in Turkey, the breadth of our reach provides us with a uniquely multifaceted outlook on our business activities. We draw strength from this broad perspective to offer our Clients insights they are unable to access anywhere else.

The second pillar of the Mineks house is our long-term client relationship philosophy. We take pride in nurturing our relationships long after the completion of our business and consider each client a “trusted partner”. We believe this emphasis on building relationships and trust puts our firm well ahead of the pack in our particular space.

Mineks International predominantly caters to Large and Mid-Market Corporations, Private Equity, Infrastructure investors and Families and Individuals.

For our Large Corporations, we provide a range of financial advisory services including M&A and strategic advisory and limited financing advisory. Most of our Mid-Market Clients are owner-managed or entrepreneurial firms just like Mineks and we have a strong track record in this area. We help our clients grow, offering advice on both sell- and buy-side in addition to advice on strategy. Private Placements by way of Private Equity, Infrastructure Funds and Family offices are becoming increasingly important in the wake of the Financial crisis in 2008 which has accelerated an existing trend. Over the decades, Mineks International has built up network of these investors in Asia, CIS and the Middle East.